Mrs. Majetic - Winterpock Elementary
Welcome to Mrs. Majetic's Third Grade Class! 

Each Sunday evening, I will post important news, reminders, assessment dates and daily homework for your convenience. 

Week of October 14-18

Hello Third Grade Parents!

Students are enjoying their various chocolate-themed novels. We will need to have those completed by next Monday, October 21.

Math – As you know, we are finishing up our graphing unit. There will be a summative test on Monday, October 14. Students need to understand “TAILS” ( Titles, Axis, Intervals, and Labels), data charts, tally charts, bar graphs, and pictographs. Students need to be able to analyze graphs and answer questions. Please be sure to study the graphing formative that I graded and returned on last Thursday. It will be a helpful study tool.

We will spend a day finishing our in class assignment, “The Great Graphing Project”.  This is due on Tuesday, October 15 and will count as a summative math grade.

We will start our next math unit on Wednesday – geometry.

Spelling – This week we are working on long U spelling patterns.

Shared Reading – For shared reading, we will be working on prefixes and suffixes and Problem and Resolution. There will be a prefixes and suffixes formative on Wednesday, October 16. Of course, we are always working on reading comprehension. We will have a fiction/nonfiction comprehension formative on Thursday, October 17.

Science – We are still hard at work on our final animal unit – animal habitats. We will have a couple of open notes formatives this week and an animal habitats summative on Friday, October 18. To prepare for the science summative, students should study their vocabulary notes pages, the study guide, the notes pages, and the open notes quizzes.

Have a wonderful week!


Monday - study spelling words, study science materials

Tuesday – study spelling words, study science materials, prefix and suffix formative tomorrow

Wednesday – study spelling word, study science materials, geometry activity, fiction and nonfiction formative tomorrow

Thursday – spelling test tomorrow, habitats summative tomorrow, geometry activity

Finish chocolate novels this weekend.  Return books on Monday, October 21.

Week of Oct. 7-11

Greetings Third Grade Parents!

Remember that this Friday is an early release day. Students will be coming home three hours early. The children are invited to bring lunch or to buy a simple bagged lunch from the cafeteria. We will eat in the classrooms.

Hopefully you have seen your child reading their chocolate book! Everyone in the class has a novel with a chocolate theme. The kids are loving those!

Math – Last week we wrapped up our three digit addition and subtraction and word problem unit. On Monday, we will start to learn about graphing. Students will be leaning about survey questions, data tables, pictographs, and bar graphs. There will be a graphing quiz on Thursday, Oct. 10 and a summative on graphing next Monday, October 14. For the summative, students must interpret graphs, understand a data table, and be able to understand pictographs and bar graphs. As well, we will be working on The Great Graphing Project. This is a project based activity that will count as a summative grade in math.

Shared Reading – Last week, we practiced reading some fiction stories to prepare for the fiction comprehension summative that we will have on Thursday, October 10. Students will need to use the reading comprehension strategies that we have been practicing in order to answer comprehension questions. As well, we will be studying main idea, reviewing prediction,  and discussing Author’s Purpose.

Spelling – We will be learning spellings of long O.

Science – The students did a great job with animal food chains last week. We played Kahoot! and they loved that! We will have our science summative on food chains this Tuesday, October 8. Students should study their flash cards, the study guide, the animal article, and most importantly, the Essential Questions to prepare for this summative test. On Tuesday, we start our final animal unit – animal habitats.

Writing – In writing, the kids are going to have a blast as we read a story about a boy who has a monster living under his bed. Then, we will be writing our own monster stories. We will work on our stories for two weeks and the final copy will count as a summative grade in writing.


Monday – study spelling words, pictograph sheet, science test tomorrow

Tuesday – study spelling words, bar graph sheet

Wednesday – study spelling words, graphing formative tomorrow, graphing activity

Thursday – spelling test tomorrow, graphing activity

Week of September 30 - October 4

Hello Third Grade Parents!

I hope you all are having a nice weekend.  I can’t believe it is October!  If only October would bring us some cooler weather.  

We had our first big reading summative of the third grade year on Friday.  Grades were posted on Parent Vue Friday night.  The actual test will come home on Thursday with graded papers.  The test consisted of two nonfiction passages.  We have been diligently learning about nonfiction text features and reading comprehension strategies.  In small group guided reading and in whole group shared reading, we have discussed the following strategies to help us with reading passages:  1.  read the questions before beginning to read the text, 2.  highlight selectively, not everything, 3.  go back into the text to find the answers and do not rely on your memory, and 4.  write down the paragraph number where you found the answer beside the question.  We will continue to practice all year!  

This week, we have an article about tree frogs and another article about mammals to help us practice.  On Thursday, we will have a fiction and nonfiction formative cold read.

Shared Reading – In addition to reading comprehension, we will focus a bit on word analysis.  That is when we use our knowledge of phonics and rhyme to decode a word that we do not know how to read.  There will be a simple word analysis formative on Wednesday.  

Math – In math, we will continue to practice three digit addition and subtraction.  We will also start to work on single step word problems.  The students will learn how to use a U P S Check mat to help answer word problems.  They should use that on Wednesday and Thursday night as they do word problems for homework.  There will be a math formative on Friday, October 4.  Students will need to answer five word problems and complete five three digit addition and subtraction with regrouping.  

Science – We have been talking about animal adaptations for the past week.  The students will have their animal adaptations summative on Tuesday, October 1.  In their green science folders, the students have flash cards, a study guide, and highlighted notes to help them prepare.  As well, there is a page called “Essential Questions”.  The students should use these questions to help them study for the County science test. I had them bring their green folders home to you for the weekend in case some would like to take a look Sunday night.   On Tuesday, we will begin our next science unit – animal food chains.  There will be a summative on animal food chains next Tuesday, October 8.

Spelling - This week’s developmental spelling groups will all focus on different spellings of Long I.  There will be a test on Friday.

Writing – Last Wednesday, the students learned how to use the Chromebooks to complete digital research on a topic during library resource.  Then, they chose an animal and completed a research grid about that animal.  On Monday, we will start to write a short report based on the facts they gathered.  We will spend time going through all the steps of the report writing process to write a short report paragraph about the chosen animal.  The final report will be due this Friday, October 4 and will count as a summative grade in writing.   Have a great week and thank you for all do at home!  


Monday – study spelling as needed, study for science test tomorrow focusing on Essential Questions, 3 digit practice sheet

Tuesday – study spelling as needed, 3 digit practice sheet

Wednesday – study spelling as needed, complete page 2 of word problem packet using UPS Check mat

Thursday – spelling test tomorrow, animal short report due tomorrow, math formative on 3 digit addition and subtraction and single step word problems tomorrow

Week of Sept 23-27

Greetings Parents! I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was so nice!!

This week is “Start with Hello!” week at Winterpock. The idea is to promote kindness and inclusion. Last week, our Morning Meeting time was devoted to activities that allowed the kids to practice and learn about ways to show kindness to others.

Shared Reading – In reading, we will spend the week discussing theme in fiction stories. Overarching ideas like honesty, be yourself, friendship, loss, sacrifice, etc. can be identified when we read. Also, we will be working on identifying the narrator of a selection or work of writing. I will be reading several stories aloud and we will work on both skills in a whole group setting.

On Friday, we will have a nonfiction reading summative. The reading summative will cover these skills: comprehension of nonfiction, dictionary definitions, table of contents, and picking the correct word meaning based on the text.  

Math – On Friday, we had our place value summative. Grades have been posted in Parent Vue and you will receive your child’s test on Thursday when I send home graded papers. Our next math unit deals with 3-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping and word problems. There is not a summative test with this unit. The students will have a formative next week.

Writing – On Monday, students will be completing their personal narratives about a day that they will never forget. The students will have a rubric so that they know exactly what writing conventions and writing skills will be assessed. The personal narrative will be a summative grade.

On Tuesday, we start a research report. Students will learn how to research a topic in the library. Then we will go through the steps of the writing process to complete a short report. This will take about two weeks to complete and will count as a writing summative grade.

We will also be learning about the articles a, an and the. Students will learn which to use in a sentence. There will be a simple Articles Formative on Wednesday.

Spelling – This week, students will be learning Long E spelling words. We will have no written spelling homework, but there will be a spelling test on Friday.

Science – We are leaving behind social studies for a few weeks. We are going to focus on animals which the kids always love to learn about! Our first unit is animal adaptations. The students will have a study guide, flash cards, and notes in their science folder that they can use to study. The animal adaptations summative test is on Tuesday, October 1.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


MONDAY – 3-digit addition exercises, study spelling as needed

TUESDAY - 3-digit addition exercises, study spelling as needed, articles quiz tomorrow

WEDNESDAY – 3-digit subtraction exercises, study spelling as needed

THURSDAY - 3-digit subtraction exercises, spelling test tomorrow, nonfiction summative tomorrow

Week of September 9-13

Hello Third Grade Families!

School got off to a fantastic start last week.  Your children are simply delightful!  It was such  a pleasure to get to know them.  We had a lot of fun building a pencil tower, making a volcano, filling buckets, and so much more!

Math - This week in math, we are starting our place value unit.  There will be a study guide in the math folder if you need a refresher on place value terminology.  The kids will learn about the following:  

  1.  Making numbers with base ten blocks, 
  2. Writing numbers in standard form, 
  3. Writing numbers in expanded form, 
  4. Writing numbers in word form, 
  5. Mystery Numbers, and 
  6. Rounding.  

We will do activities each day in class and students will have math homework each evening that reinforces the classwork.  There will be a place value quiz on Friday.  

Reading - For shared reading, we are switching from fiction to nonfiction.  We will be learning all about nonfiction text features this week.  Features like the glossary, photographs, captions, bold words, etc. help us better comprehend what we read.  Students will be completing an Interactive Notes Packet that they should review each evening.  This packet will be in their Reading folder.  They will have Google Classroom activities to complete in class and an in class text features project.  Next Monday, September 16th, students will complete a digital formative in which they will be shown a picture of a text feature and they have to identify the feature.  This is a multiple choice quiz.  The in class project will count as a summative reading grade.

Social Studies - In social studies, we are learning about Laws and our Government.  Students will watch several videos and complete various in class activities throughout  the week.  There will be a Rules and Government summative on Friday.  To prepare, students should review their notes, the study guide, and flash cards.  These items will be in their social studies folder.

Writing - For writing, the students will be composing a personal narrative.  We will be discussing the steps of the writing process - brainstorming, rough draft, editing, and final copy.  We will work on this piece all week and possibly into next week.  Once completed, the personal narrative will be a summative grade for writing.  

STEAM - We will be doing a STEAM project each Friday.  This week, we will be constructing a table made of paper that can hold a book for 30 seconds.  That will be fun!!

This Thursday, September 12th is Back to School Night.  I hope you can make it.  It starts at 6:15 in my class.  I am room 204.

We will have MAPS testing on Wednesday.  See the letter from the school administration that is in the students’ gray folder for specific details about this test.  

I will instruct the students to write the homework in their homework agenda each morning, but in case that gets overlooked…...Here you go!  Have a great week!


Monday - place value math sheet, review social studies notes, review nonfiction text features notes

Tuesday - What Number Am I ? math sheet, review social studies notes and social studies flashcards, review nonfiction text  features notes

Wednesday - Expanding Numbers  math sheet, review social studies notes and flash cards, review nonfiction text features notes

Thursday - study place value study guide to prepare for place value formative tomorrow, study flash cards and all Rules and Government notes to prepare for social studies summative test tomorrow

Week of September 3-6

Welcome 2019-20 Third Grade Parents!

It was so FANTASTIC to meet you last Thursday at Open House. It is going to be a great year! Third grade is a special time in that the children begin to develop independence and take responsibility for their learning and their grades. It is my goal to help them with this process by providing clear expectations and predictable routines. I will post an entry each Sunday night so that all of us – the teacher, the parent, and the students – know what is coming and how to prepare. Anytime you have a question, let me know. I am so happy to help!

This week we will be getting to know one another, discussing school rules and class rules, and negotiating our new routines and schedules. Below is the daily schedule and the resource schedule.

Our Resource Schedule

Monday - art with Ms. Nixon

Tuesday - STEAM with Mrs. Prymak

Wednesday - library with Mrs. Robinson

Thursday - music with Mr. Smalls

Friday - PE with Mr. Baytop

Our Daily Schedule

9:30 - 9:45 - Pack Time

9:45 - 10:30 - science or social studies – snack at 10:15

10:30 - 11:15 - resource

11:15 - 12:30 - math

12:31 - 12:56 - lunch (table 5, line

1:00 - 1:15 - silent reading

1:15 - 1:35 - shared reading

1:35 - 2:45 - Guided Reading

2:45 - 3:15 - recess

3:15 - 3:50 - writing and word study

Please send a peanut free, tree nut free snack each day.

This week in math, we are reviewing strategies for addition and subtraction. Many of these strategies the students have been exposed to since kindergarten! Some examples include Making 10, Counting Up by 1, 2, or 3, Doubles, Doubles Plus 1, etc. Since this is review material, we will spend four days on this topic. We will play loads of partner games in class and have a simple formative on Friday. The formative will be an activity in which the students determine if a given problem should be solved with the Doubles Strategy, the Near Doubles Strategy, the Making 10 Strategy, or the Bridging Through 10 Strategy.   I will send the Chesterfield County math newsletter that explains addition and subtracton strategies through email.  

This week for shared reading, we will all be reading the story First Day Jitters in our reading books. Each student has their own copy of the anthology and will read the story independently and with a partner. As we explore the story, we will discuss critical vocabulary words, make connections to the story, and review story elements like beginning, middle, and end. There will be a reading formative on Friday. For the formative, the students will write about the beginning, middle, and end of the story and identify a personal connection to an event in the story.

The students’ summer reading was a Magic Treehouse book called Vacation Under the Volcano. If you did not know about this, no worries! I am going to read the book aloud this week in class. The story has loads of social studies content as it takes place in Pompeii and we learn about Ancient Rome later in the year. We will connect the reading to our science curriculum by doing a science experiment. Yes, we are making a simple volcano with baking soda and vinegar! The students will learn about the Scientific Method and complete a simple science lab sheet that will count as a science formative grade.

For writing instruction, we will be watching an interview with Mary Pope Osborne, the author of the Magic Treehouse series of books. She discusses the writing process and how she comes up with ideas to use in her stories. The students will write a simple paragraph about a day that they will never forget. This will count as a writing formative grade.

There is no homework this week. YEAH!

We have Back to School Night on Thursday, September 12. At that time, I will provide more detailed explanations about homework, grading policies, spelling instruction, etc. I look forward to sharing with you at that time.

Anything below this post was for last year so do not worry about that.

Again, I can not express enough how thrilled I am to be your child’s teacher.   It is going to be a great year!