Mrs. Majetic - Winterpock Elementary
Welcome to Mrs. Majetic's Third Grade Class! 

Each Sunday evening, I will post important news, reminders, assessment dates and daily homework for your convenience. 

Week of April 15-18

Greetings Winterpock Third Grade Parents! I know the kids are looking forward to a shorter week. Don’t forget that we have this Friday off!

It is going to b a great week. We have many cool, creative things in the works. The kids are continuing to work on their PBL wetlands projects and can not wait to share them with you at the PBL Expo on Wednesday, April 24th.

STEAM - On Thursday, April 18 , we are having a spring STEAM Day! The students will be making a basketball tower in honor of March Madness, (Yeah Hoos!), a carriage made of carrots for a Peep bunny to ride in, and a tower made of jelly beans and toothpicks. Thank you to the parents who donated supplies for this day and to Stacey Byer who is helping in the classroom.

MAPS - We took our reading MAPS test last Thursday. The kids rocked it! We have math MAPS this Tuesday, April 16 first thing in the morning and I know they will do great on this test, as well.

Reading – This week, will review nonfiction text features. This was one of the first things we did back in September, so it is time to revisit the material before the SOL test. Text features include terms like heading, subheading, glossary, photograph, diagram, etc. The students need to access two slideshows on Google Classroom to help them prepare. One is terms and examples and the second is practice items. There will be a nonfiction text features digital formative on Wednesday, April 17.

We will also be working on vocabulary and comprehension with nonfiction texts. The students will read about Squishy the Squid and complete comprehension and vocabulary practice with the article. On Wednesday, April 17, they will read a nonfiction article about the Pink Fairy Armadillo and complete comprehension questions and vocabulary questions. This will be a formative grade.

There will be a nonfiction comprehension digital summative on Thursday morning.

Math – In math, we are finishing up our unit on the US Customary and metric systems of measurement. There is a nice study guide in the students’ math folders to help with this. On Monday, we need to finish liquid measurement and start temperature. There will be a formative on measurement on Tuesday, April 16 and a summative on Wednesday, April 15. For the test, students need to know these things: 1. if given a picture of a container, would it hold liters, gallons, cups, pints, or quarts, 2. if shown a picture of an object, would it be best measured in inches, feet, or yards, 3. measure with a ruler, 4. know which units are used for linear measurement and which are used for capacity, 5. know how to use a thermometer. There are several great Google Classroom items to help the kids study for the measurement summative. Our next unit of study will be area and perimeter.

Science – In science, the kids are busy, busy with PBL projects and writing their wetlands animal research projects. They should have completed their waterfall digital research booklet last week. This week, we will start compiling the research into a report. On Monday, the students will be given an editing checklist and a rubric for the report. I will model how to write the report. The report will count as a summative grade and is due Monday, April 22. If students do not finish in class, they may need to work on it over the three day weekend.

Novels – The students were given fiction novels before spring break. As previously discussed, they have a digital book report on Google Classroom that is due on Friday, April 26. This will count as a summative reading grade. Students need to disregard any slides about nonfiction books.

SOL Review – Next Monday, April 22, we will start daily SOL review exercises. I have created a packet for each child. It includes a parent letter, a schedule for each day’s activities, and scratch paper. You may want to ask your child for these items so that you can stay abreast of preparations to make each child a success on their SOL math and reading test. These tests are about a month away!

Word Study - We will be having word study groups this week. Because we will not be here Friday, the word study test will be Thursday.

Have a great week and thanks for everything! Without a doubt, you all are the best!


MONDAY – word study menu item, complete thermometer sheet, measurement formative tomorrow – look at Google Classroom items to prepare

TUESDAY – word study menu item, measurement summative tomorrow, nonfiction comprehension and vocabulary formative tomorrow, nonfiction text features formative tomorrow

WEDNESDAY – nonfiction summative tomorrow, word study test tomorrow

week of April 8-12

Greetings Third Grade Parents!

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful spring break! I am so excited to see the students again. I can’t believe that we will be together only nine more weeks.

This post is going to be full of information. My apologies! I will try to organize the information so that it is useful and easier to reference.

SOL Review – Starting Monday, April 22, we will begin our daily review to prepare for the SOL reading and math tests. I have made a daily schedule and have loaded many digital items onto Google Classroom. For four weeks, we will practice the reading and math standards of learning. I will provide a paper copy of the schedule and an explanation of how to access materials on Google Classroom and the website SOL Pass in a parent letter. Look for those next week.

Maymont Field Trip – Our trip to Maymont to learn about wetlands is this Tuesday, April 9. Students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are good for walking. The kids will need a water bottle, a snack, and a lunch from home. We will be back too late to access the cafeteria for lunch. If providing a lunch is not possible, please let me know.

MAPS Testing – It is time for our final MAPS testing for the third grade year. The reading MAPS will be in the morning on Thursday, April 11 and the math MAPS will be on Tuesday, April 16 in the morning. These are the tests that will show how much the students have gown and learned this year!

Digital Book Report – The students received their new novels before spring break. This time around, instead of literature circles, the students will need to complete a Digital Book Report that is loaded onto Google Classroom. The students all have fiction books so they should skip the slides about nonfiction books. The Digital Book Report will be due on Friday, April 26 and will count as a summative writing grade.

Math - We are starting a new math unit – measurement. The students will learn how to measure length, volume, and temperature using both the U.S. Customary System and the metric system. There are four excellent activities loaded onto Google Classroom to help practice measurement skills. The final measurement summative will be Wednesday, April 17.

Reading – In reading, we will enjoy a fairy tale in our reading anthology. We will focus on vocabulary development and comprehension of fiction. There will be a vocabulary formative on Wednesday, April 10 and a story comprehension formative on Thursday, April 11. The students will be directed to bring their reading books home to practice with you.

Word Study – There will be no word study this week.

Writing – To enhance our PBL unit about wetlands, the students have chosen a wetland animal and will be doing digital research about that animal. We will gather information for a week and then organize it into a short report which will be a summative grade in writing. We will be working on this research report for two weeks. The final research report will be due on Friday, April 19.

We will also have a couple of lessons on simple abbreviations. There will be an abbreviations formative on Thursday, April 11.

Science – For the next two weeks, we will be working on PBL projects to prepare for our PBL Expo! The kids are super excited about this. The projects are as follows: original board games to teach about wetlands, a digital infomercial to teach the importance of saving the wetlands, a digital comic book about wetlands, a diorama of a wetland and the animals that live there, and science experiments that show how wetlands help the environment. The kids can’t wait to share these projects with you on Wednesday, April 26 at our Wetlands PBL Expo. Be sure to complete the RSVP so that the office can prepare a security badge for you.

Have a great week and thank you for your support!


MONDAY – math sheet about length

TUESDAY – read One Riddle, One Answer and prepare for vocabulary formative tomorrow, measuring inches activity

WEDNESDAY – comprehension formative on One Riddle, One Answer tomorrow, abbreviations formative tomorrow

THURSDAY – measuring in centimeters activity

Week of March 25-29

Happy Spring! It is hard to believe, but three quarters of third grade is over! This is the last week of the quarter. You will be able to see your child’s final third quarter grades this weekend. I have gone ahead and set up Parent Vue with the formatives and summatives that are coming up for the week. That way, you know where your student stands currently and what tests and quizzes still need to be taken. F.Y.I. We are done with science.

In math, we will be finishing our short unit on adding and subtracting fractions. The SOL’s for third grade state that the denominators for both fractions in the problem must be the same and that the student will always be given a picture or concrete models to use while adding and subtracting. There will be an adding and subtracting fractions formative on Tuesday, March 27 and a summative on Thursday, March 28.  I have loaded some practice activities onto Google Classroom to help the students prepare for adding and subtracting fractions.  

In reading, we will review comprehension of poetry early in the week. We have two poems that we will discuss on Monday. We will have a fiction and poetry digital summative on Tuesday, March 26. To prepare, students should complete reading comprehension activities that I had previously posted on Power School.  As well, we will be reviewing suffixes and prefixes. I have loaded three activities on to Google Classroom to help the students review prefixes and suffixes. There will be a digital prefixes and suffixes formative on Wednesday, March 27.

There will be no spelling this week.

We will review apostrophes and contractions. We will do a variety of review activities this week and have a formative on Thursday, March 28 on apostrophe “s” and contractions.  

We have no science this week, but when we return from spring break, we will continue our PBL unit on conserving the wetlands. We will have a Wetlands PBL Expo on Wednesday, April 24th from 10:00 – 11:00. Look for details in your child’s gray folder this afternoon.

We took a break from social studies for a while. This week we will get back to it to complete our Rome PBL projects that are on Google Classroom. These are due Friday and will count as a formative grade in social studies.

In writing, we will be preparing spring stories. These stories are due Friday, March 29 and will count as a summative grade in writing.


Monday – fractions activity, math formative tomorrow, fiction and poetry summative tomorrow

Tuesday – prefixes and suffixes formative tomorrow

Wednesday – adding and subtracting fractions summative tomorrow, contractions and possessives formative tomorrow

Thursday – Rome PBL activity due tomorrow, spring writing due tomorrow

Week of March 18-22

Greetings Parents! I hope all enjoyed the weather. I am more than ready for spring to be here!

This week in science, we will continue to work on wetlands, conservation of natural resources and the impact of humans on natural resources. There will be a formative on Wednesday, March 20 and a summative on Friday March 22.

In math, we will finish our unit on fractions and start a new unit on adding and subtraction fractions. There will be a fraction summative on Wednesday, March 20. The students will need to know the following: pick a picture to illustrate a given fraction for both fractions of a whole and fractions of a set, know how to represent a fraction in its number and word form, plot a mixed number on a number line, be able to compare fractions as greater than less than, or equal to using fraction strips (There are lots of these types of problems.), pick the picture that illustrates an improper fraction, know how to order fractions and pick which one is closer to zero and which one is closer to one. In the math folders, the students have countless activities for all these skills. They have two quizzes to look at, as well. The quiz on improper fractions was a challenge. We have reviewed it, but some may need to spend more time at home. On Tuesday night, the students will be given a study guide to help with the preparation of the test.

This week for shared reading, we will be reviewing word analysis skills and we will have a formative on Thursday, March 21. Using Google Classroom, we will review irregular vowel patterns, syllables, irregular past tense verbs, compound words, and irregular plurals.

In writing, we are finishing our Tacky the Penguin stories and starting a spring story.

Wishing you a great week!


MONDAY – one word study menu item, fraction sheet

TUESDAY – one word study menu item, study for fraction test tomorrow (study guide available), wetlands quiz tomorrow

WEDNESDAY – one word study menu item, word analysis formative tomorrow

THURSDAY – spelling test tomorrow, adding fractions homework

March 11-15

Hello Third Grade Parents!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

On this Friday, March 15, we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, naturally. Also, as mentioned in the post last week, we will be doing an engaging STEAM activity: Creating a Leprechaun Trap. First, we will read an online article about the history of the leprechaun legend. Then we will get to work trying to catch one! As you know, students will need some materials from your recycling bin: interesting boxes, plastic containers, and the like. I will provide construction paper, tape, glue, string and pipe cleaners to hold items together. It will be a fun time! Please send items in on Friday morning.

In math, we are continuing our three week unit on fractions. This is a huge unit that covers a great deal of content. It is essential that students get a firm foundation so that they can do fractions in future years. We have already learned the following: fractions of a whole, fractions of a set, mixed numbers and improper fractions. This week, we will focus on the following: fractions on a number line, equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions with greater than, less than and equal to signs. This Friday, March 15, we will have a formative that covers all fraction concepts. I will be sending home a good review for Thursday night’s homework that covers all fraction concepts since the start of the unit. This will be a good way to study.

I have loaded four wonderful Google Classroom activities on to the kids Google Classroom account. The activities are: Fraction Practice, Fractions on a Number Line, Comparing Fractions, and Equivalent Fractions. This is an excellent way to practice fraction concepts. The kids do get time in class to complete these exercises but will more than likely need to work some at home.

Next Monday and Tuesday, March 18-19, will be a review of all fraction concepts. We will have the fraction summative on Wednesday, March 20.

We finished our science unit on Patterns in Nature. We are now beginning our PBL Project and unit of study all about Virginia’s wetlands and conservation. Last week, the staff of Maymont came to Winterpock and provided three lessons to teach about what wetlands are what they do in the environment. For the next two weeks, we will be engaged in class activities to further our knowledge of wetlands and conservation. We will be going on a field trip to Maymont after spring break to see wetlands first hand. That trip is on Tuesday, April 9. You have received detailed information and payment options in your child’s gray folder. Our PBL project will culminate with student-made projects and a PBL Expo. Parents will be invited to come to the Expo and talk to the kids about their projects. The PBL Expo event will be in the morning on Wednesday, April 24. More information will be coming. We hope to see you there!

In reading, we will be doing more work on the comprehension of nonfiction. We will read nonfiction articles in our Time for Kids magazines. We will read an article about wetlands with comprehension questions that will be a formative science grade. We will read a nonfiction article about Saint Patrick and the history behind the holiday. The comprehension questions with this article will count as a formative social studies grade. We will have a digital nonfiction comprehension summative on Wednesday, March 13. As you know, there are passages on Power School and activities on Google Classroom that the students can do at home to practice the reading comprehension of nonfiction material.

This week, we are also focusing on summarizing nonfiction passages. We will practice strategies to condense a nonfiction reading down to a couple of sentences. There will be a formative on summarizing nonfiction on Thursday, March 14.

The kids worked so hard on the research papers about Greece and Rome. They were excellent! Now, we are going to have a little fun and write playful stories about a silly penguin called Tacky. We will read several stories about Tacky the Penguin and then write our own stories for a summative grade in writing. These will be due Friday, March 15.

Wishing you a great week. Thank you for all your support at home to prepare your child for fourth grade.


MONDAY – 1 word study menu item, fraction worksheet

TUESDAY – 1 word study menu item, fraction worksheet, digital nonfiction reading summative tomorrow (complete practice passages on Power School or Google Classroom)

WEDNESDAY – 1 word study menu item, fraction worksheet, formative tomorrow on summarizing nonfiction

THURSDAY – word study test tomorrow, formative tomorrow on all fraction concepts, complete math worksheet on all fraction concepts, Tacky stories due tomorrow

Week of March 4-8

Good Evening Third Grade Parents! I hope everyone has had a nice weekend. This will be a short week. No school on Friday! Due to our having a four day week, we will not have word study.

In math, we will continue our big unit on fractions. On Monday, we will learn about fractions on a number line. On Tuesday, March 5, there will be a math formative on fractions of a whole, fractions of a set, and fractions on a number line. To prepare, there are two good Google Classroom fraction activities that the students should complete. Later this week, we will learn about mixed numbers and improper fractions.

In science, we will finish up our unit on Patterns in Nature. The students have a firm understanding of the moon. Next, we will learn about the cycle of the seasons. There will be a science formative about seasonal changes on Tuesday, March 5. Next, we will review plant and animal life cycles and the digital science summative test will be Thursday, March 7. This test covers a great deal of material. To help the students prepare, I have created a Power School pre-test that is very much like the actual summative. They are welcome to complete this non-graded practice test any night this week. It is called Patterns in Nature and the download and upload passwords are science. For the Patterns in Nature summative, the students need to understand the following:  phases of the moon (the phases will remain up in the classroom for the children to look at during the test), rotation and revolution of the earth and the moon, tides and what causes the tides, seasons and what causes the seasons, and general information about plant and animal life cycles. Again, this is a lot of material so students should do the pre-test to get an idea of how to study for this test.

As previously shared, we are working on our third quarter research report. We have written one paragraph each day and will be completely done with the rough draft on Tuesday. That gives us Wednesday to rewrite and prepare the final copy to be turned in on Thursday. The Greece/Rome short report is due on Thursday, March 8 and will count as a summative grade. The report should include: students’ research notes page, the rough draft of all five paragraphs with editing marks, and the final report.

In reading, we will be working on story ‘theme”. Students will practice identifying universal themes like love, bravery, honesty, etc. that are found in fiction stories. We will discuss these ideas in class. As well, I have posted two activities on Google Classroom that can help students practice “theme”. There will be a digital formative on identifying the universal theme of texts on Thursday, March 8. On Wednesday, March 6, there will be a digital six week checkpoint that will count as a formative reading grade. As always, the checkpoint will have one fiction and one nonfiction passage. I have mentioned before that there are some most helpful activities on Google Classroom to practice reading comprehension.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we will be doing a fun STEAM activity: creating a leprechaun trap. Please allow your child to fish through your recycling and trash to collect interesting materials that could be used for a trap. Items like paper towel rolls, interesting boxes, plastic containers, string, and ribbon would all be great! Each child needs to bring items to use or to trade on Friday, March 15.

Have a great week!


MONDAY- fraction formative tomorrow, seasons formative tomorrow, fraction on a number line sheet, complete Google Classroom fraction on a number line practice

TUESDAY- comprehension checkpoint tomorrow, fraction sheet, work on short report if needed, complete Theme Google Classroom activity if needed

WEDNESDAY – formative on theme tomorrow, report on Greece/Rome tomorrow, fraction sheet, Patterns in Nature summative tomorrow (complete pre-test on Power School)


Feb. 25 - Mar. 1

Good Afternoon Third Grade Parents!

Hope you all had a pleasant weekend despite the rain!

This week is going to be an exciting one. We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday all week and we have Digital Learning Day on Thursday! To kick off Dr. Seuss week, we are having a schoolwide Dr. Seuss STEAM activity on Monday morning. That will be such a good time for the kids! As well, there are various dress-up days. Here they are again in case you missed that:

Monday, 2-25:  wear as many colors as you can

Tuesday, 2-26:  wear a college or vacation t-shirt

Wednesday, 2-27:  dress as a Dr. Seuss character

Thursday, 2:28:  wear a hat

Friday, 3-1:  wear tacky socks

Thursday, February 28 is Digital Learning Day. Teachers in Chesterfield County and across the world will be participating in this event. It is a chance to use technology to teach and share with students to inspire creativity and imagination while using digital resources. In our class, we will be combining Black History Month activities with Digital Learning Day. Students will be provided a library book about a famous Black American. Students will use Flip Grid to share with the rest of the class what they learned about their Famous Black American including biographical information, achievements, contributions and hardships. Students will get to view one another’s digital reports.

In reading this week, we will be focusing on comprehension of fiction with a special emphasis on summarizing. We will be reading a book in our reading anthology called The Strongest One. There will be a formative on Friday, March 1 that focuses on the vocabulary and comprehension of the story. Students will be able to bring home their reading books so that they can practice The Strongest One at home and be prepared for Friday. As well, there will be a digital fiction summative on Thursday, February 28 that will focus on comprehension of fiction and the word analysis skills that we have been practicing all year long. Students are welcome to prepare for this by doing the practice Power School passages that have already be loaded for them.

In math, we will continue to do equality and inequality for the first part of the week. There will be a summative on Wednesday, February 27. For the math summative, students will be asked to do the following: a) look at various number sentences and choose which one is true (number sentences may include addition, subtraction and multiplication), b) insert the correct operation into a given number sentence to make the number sentence true, and c) when given a number expression, write their own number expression that is equivalent to the given one. Students have a graded equality quiz and various activities in their math folders to prepare for this test. Our next math unit will be fractions.

We have wrapped up our unit on Ancient Rome and will now switch to science. Our next unit will be about Patterns in Nature. We will begin with the cycle of the moon, move to seasonal cycles, and conclude with the life cycles of animals. There will be a formative on the moon and its cycle on Thursday, February 28. For the moon formative, students should know moon vocabulary, understand the difference between rotation and revolution, and know how many days it takes for the moon to revolve around the earth and how many days for the earth to revolve around the sun.

In writing, the students are doing digital research about either Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece. We will begin writing the rough draft of our short report on Wednesday. This process will be modeled each day in class and will take several days to complete. The final copy of the report will be due next Friday, March 8 and will count as a summative writing grade.

Students novels will be due this Friday, March 1. We will meet in our Literature Circles to share what we learned, and then students will receive new novels.

Have a great week and thank you for your support at home!


MONDAY – word study menu item, equivalent expressions sheet

TUESDAY – word study menu item, study for math summative tomorrow

WEDENSDAY – word study menu item, do Power School fiction passages to prepare for fiction summative tomorrow, moon formative tomorrow, fractions of a whole homework

THURSDAY – word study test tomorrow, fractions of a set homework, read The Strongest One to prepare for vocabulary and comprehension quiz tomorrow

February 19-22

Good Evening Third Grade Families,

Hope everyone enjoyed President’s Day! This week at Winterpock we are celebrating Kindness Week. Each day, we will be doing activities to remind us to be kind to others. Friday, February 22 is “Wear Neon Day”. We are going to “brighten” up the day!

In math, we are almost done with division models. We had our formative last week and we will be going over that quiz tomorrow in class. As well, we will be practicing all the division models: arrays, groups, jumps on a number, and repeated subtraction. We will also review division word problems. The division models summative is Wednesday, February 20. For the test, students should be able to do the following: examine a model (picture) and pick the division problem that goes with the model, create models to go with a divisishow the connection between multiplication and division problems, and be able to answer four division word problems. On Thursday, we start a new math unit about equality.

In social studies, we are continuing to learn about Ancient Rome. There will be an Ancient Rome formative on Thursday, February 21 and a summative on Friday, February 22. There is an Interactive Notes Google Slides Presentation on Google Classroom that will help the kids learn the material. This should be completed and turned in by Friday, February 22.

In shared reading, we are continuing to practice comprehension of fiction and nonfiction. We will be working on a fiction story in our reading books and reading Time for Kids articles. There will be a focus on drawing conclusions. As well, we will be reviewing word analysis skills: prefixes, suffixes, compound words, irregular plurals, irregular past tense verbs, and syllables. We have done all this a great deal this year and this is just a review. If students feel they want to practice word analysis skills at home to prepare for the formative on Friday, February 22, there is a Word Analysis PowerPoint in Google Classroom. It is something that has been in there for a while, but it is very good!

There will be no Word Study this week.

In writing, we are finishing our Valentine’s Booklets on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we start completing research for our third quarter short report. Students may choose to write about Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. The report will take us two full weeks to complete and will count as a summative writing grade.

Have a wonderful week!


Tuesday - study for math summative tomorrow

Wednesday - read novel and study for Ancient Rome formative tomorrow

Thursday - study for Ancient Rome summative tomorrow, study for word analysis formative tomorrow

Week of Feb. 11-15

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

This week in math, we are starting a new unit: division strategies. Students will learn the following strategies for division: repeated subtraction, grouping model, backwards jumps on a number line, and arrays. We will have a division strategies formative on Thursday, February 14. Students should know all the above strategies for the quiz. Next Wednesday, February 20 we will have a division strategies summative.

In writing, students will be making a booklet of things that they love – an appropriate topic for Valentine’s week! Also, we will be reviewing coma usage. Students will need to know comas in a series, comas in dates, and comas in addresses for a coma formative on Wednesday, February 13.

In shared reading, we will be meeting in Literature Circles to discuss and share our current novels. Students need to finish and return their current novels on Thursday, February 14. Students will receive new novels that day.

We will also be learning about fact versus opinion in our reading. We will do several activities including a Google Classroom activity. The formative for fact and opinion will be on Friday, February 15. Also, there will be a digital three week checkpoint this week that has one fiction passage and one nonfiction passage.

In social studies we will be learning about our fourth ancient civilization – Ancient Rome. There are no graded assignments this week.

In science, we will be doing three fun science experiments related to Valentine’s Day. We will be making a bubbling love potion with vinegar and baking soda, testing the effects of different beverages on our white teeth using boiled eggs, and dissolving candy hearts in various liquids to see which dissolves the candy fastest.

Of course, Thursday is Valentine’s Day and the children will be exchanging cards. See last week’s post for a list of student names if you have not had a chance yet. As well, we will be having loads of fun doing Valentine’s STEAM rotations! Students will be building gummy heart towers, take the Conversation Heart Challenge, making Lego hearts, and more!

Back in September, students took the Developmental Spelling Inventory and were placed in the appropriate spelling groups based on the results. Students were retested earlier in January and new groups have been formed based on the new scores. Your child may come home on Monday to tell you they have a new spelling teacher. Other than that, all is the same with spelling instruction.

Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day on Thursday! Don’t forget the early release on Friday and no school next Monday.


MONDAY – word study menu item, division activity

TUESDAY – word study menu item, division activity, coma formative tomorrow, three week checkpoint tomorrow

WEDNESDAY – word study menu item, division activity, division formative tomorrow, novels due tomorrow, bring Valentine’s tomorrow

THURSDAY- spelling test tomorrow, division activity, fact and opinion formative tomorrow

February 4-8

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Here is the week!

In social studies, we are continuing our unit on ancient Greece. Students have a Google Slides Interactive Notes assignment on their Google Classroom that needs to be completed by this Friday, February 8. I will be giving plenty of time to complete this in class, but some may need to work a little at home, as well. There will be a Greece formative on Wednesday, February 6. The summative test on ancient Greece will be this Friday, February 8. Also, the students have an ancient Greece PBL project on their Google Classroom account. It is a super creative and fun activity involving time travel and being a business owner. THIS IS COMPLETELY FOR ENJOYMENT. It will not be graded, but I hope the kids have fun thinking outside of the box. We will be doing this in class.

In math, we are continuing our unit on counting money and making change from $5.00 or less. The students have done a variety of activities in class using plastic money and paper bills. We will continue to practice counting coins and bills and making change. There will be a money summative on Thursday, February 7. The students should be able to do the following:

1.  If given a purchase amount, to make change from a $1.00 or $5.00,

2.  Count a series of coins and provide the value,

3. Count a collection of bills and coins and determine what items could be purchased with that amount of money,

4. Count various sets of bills and coins and determine which are greater than or less than,

5. Draw bills and coins one could have for given amounts of money,

6. Word problems requiring making change with amounts of $5.00 or less.

In writing, we will be working on a Winter Writing Booklet with a focus on expository writing. Students will be explaining the step-by-step process of how to make a snowman and how to make a favorite winter recipe. These will be formative writing grades.

In reading, we will be working with nonfiction text, specifically reading and understanding recipes. Yes!  Third grade students see this type of reading on tests like the SOL. We will complete practice exercises throughout the week and have a digital reading summative on Friday, February 8. The test will have nonfiction passages and recipes.

The students will be able to exchange Valentine’s cards on Thursday, February 14. They are welcome to make a box or bag to hold the cards at home and to bring it to school on the 14th. Just remember, Valentine’s can not have any candy or food items with them. Also, all students must be included. We have 25 children. Here are the names:

Coleman, Matthew, Charlie, Caroline, Julia, Kalissa, Teagan, Valerie, Ashley, Tarique, Michael, Ansley, Brayden, Taylor, Natalia, Adelyn, Kyler, Brody, Fatimah, Satyam, Emma, Griffin, Thurman, Barrett and Andrew.

Many parents have requested some resources so that students can practice working on digital reading tests at home. So much of what the kids do is digital and there is a real need to be good digital test takers.  The reading MAPS, reading checkpoints, reading summatives, and the reading SOLs are all digital assessments and will continue to be so for the rest of the students’ school careers. I have loaded a variety of fiction and nonfiction passages on to Power School for the children to do for practice. The download and upload passwords will be read. Of course, these are not graded – optional practice only. I have made it so students can see their grade and I have activated the “Review” feature so they can go back and check over missed items. Here are the names of the tests:

Benson_WES_Addo’s Poster

Fables and Word Analysis

JES_Smith_The Kid Who Could Play Tennis

Benson_WES_Biomes Nonfiction

Third Grade Reading SOL Test – 2004 - multiple passages

Third Grade Reading SOL Test – 2005 - multiple passages

Just a precaution. Once the students open a test, they must keep working. If not, they will be logged out of the test  on Power School and I will have to reset the test the next day at school. The students are pros at accessing these on Power School.  Have a great week. Looking forward to getting outside for recess everyday as the weather warms up!


MONDAY – word study activity, math money practice pages, study Greece notes

TUESDAY – word study, math money practice pages, study for Greece formative tomorrow

WEDNESDAY – word study activity, summative on money tomorrow

THURSDAY – word study test tomorrow, summative on ancient Greece tomorrow, nonfiction and recipe summative tomorrow

January 28-February 1

Good Afternoon Third Grade Parents!

I hope you all had a restful weekend. Can you believe it – third grade is half way over!

Hopefully you saw the green paper explaining Ancient’s Day this Friday, February 1. Students are welcome to wear a costume, but that is not a requirement. As well, Friday is football jersey day. Students are welcome to participate in one or both. I, for one, will be wearing a Greek costume in the morning and a jersey in the afternoon!

This week in reading we will be focusing on inferencing. Students will get several pages of notes and have many practice examples to study. There is an Inferencing Activity loaded on Google Classroom that students should use to practice. There will be a formative on inferencing this Friday, February 1.

In math, we ware starting a new unit – money. Students will be counting money, comparing money amounts, and making change this week.

In writing, we will review irregular past tense verbs. Students will have several activities to study for a formative on Thursday, January 31.

In social studies we are starting a unit on the ancient civilization of Greece. Students will be receiving daily note pages and will have activities assigned on Google Classroom to complete.

We start back up with Word Study this week.

Hope you enjoy the remainder of your Sunday!


MONDAY - 1 word study menu item, money activity page

TUESDAY – 1 word study menu item, money activity page

WEDNESDAY – 1 word study menu item, money activity page, irregular past tense verbs formative tomorrow

THURSDAY – word study spelling test tomorrow, money activity page, inferencing formative tomorrow

January 22-25

Hello Third Grade Parents!

Well, we are to the last three and a half days of the second nine weeks. The kids have worked hard and they have learned so much! I am very proud!

As I have already shared, the final reading summative grade of the quarter will be Thursday, January 24. The test will be digital and will consist of three passages – one about Christopher Columbus, one about cheetahs, and one about the author of the book series The Boxcar Children. As you know, reading tests do not only assess comprehension. Students are also assessed on other reading skills. For the test Thursday, students will see contractions, vowel sounds, synonyms, inflected endings (ed at the end of words and what does that do to word meaning), syllables, and selecting the correct definition from a dictionary entry when a word has multiple meanings. We have covered all these things and I am confident the students will rock it! In the students Google Classroom, there is an activity called “Winter Reading Fun!” The students should work on the following slides: 19, 22, 23, 26, and 27. This will give them a good review of contractions, syllables, and vowel sounds. Also, there is an activity simply called “Syllables” that will give loads of practice with syllables.

Also, on Google Classroom, there is an activity called “Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passages”. This is another good way to practice reading comprehension.

I have loaded practice passages with some good comprehension questions on to PowerSchool. I highly recommend that students complete these in preparation for the summative Thursday. The students know how to access tests in PowerSchool. These are the names of the passages: Ancient Greece, Colorful Crayons, and Wood Thrush. The download and upload passwords are: read for all three.

We are going to be reviewing prefixes and suffixes and vowel sounds in class this week. The students will have a Word Analysis formative on Friday, January 25. For this formative, students will see rhyming words, prefixes and suffixes, syllables, and vowel sounds. There is a GREAT Word Analysis PowerPoint loaded on to Google Classroom that the students can use to practice these varied skills.

In science, we are continuing our unit on simple machines. Students’ projects are due this week. Students have been instructed to use FlipGrid to record themselves talking about their project. They can find their FlipGrid on Google Classroom. They can do this recording at home or they can use their Chromebook at school. Sometimes it is quieter and easier to concentrate at home. We will have a formative on simple machines vocabulary words on Wednesday, January 23. The simple machines summative will be Thursday, January 24. This will be a digital test.

Because of the missed day last week, I have postponed the math summative until Friday, January 25. For this test, students need to answer multistep word problems, be able to accurately solve 4-digit addition and subtraction problems and know when to estimate and then solve. I have made another packet of word problems for the students to practice at school and at home. I gave them a packet of word problems last week, as well. We will continue to review multistep word problems in class as these can be so tricky. Be sure to look at your child’s word problem quiz from last Friday. We went over these in class but some students may need additional practice with you.  

Because we are only in school three and a half days this week, there will be no Word Study this week.

Friday is a half day for students.

We earned our second “Wolf” and as a class have decided that our reward will be to eat with a resource teacher!

Students will need to complete their novels by Friday. They need to bring them Friday with the activity booklet so that we can have group discussions and receive new novels.

Friday is “Wear your favorite team ”day. You know I will have a Clemson National Champs shirt on!

Thanks for your support as we have this final push of the nine weeks. The many snow days have complicated things, but we are doing alright!


MONDAY – practice multistep word problems

TUESDAY – practice multistep word problems, Simple Machines projects due tomorrow, do FlipGrid with our simple machine project at home if you can, study for simple machines vocabulary formative tomorrow

WEDNESDAY – practice multistep word problems, complete three nonfiction passages in Powerschool to prepare for nonfiction summative tomorrow

THURSDAY – prepare for Word Analysis formative tomorrow by taking a look at Word Analysis PowerPoint in Google Classroom and completing slides 19, 22, 23, 26 and 27 in “Winter Reading Fun” on Google Classroom, study math review packet to prepare for math summative tomorrow

January 14-18

Good Evening Third Grade Parents! I hope everyone is staying warm and dry. What dreary weather!

The students have done a wonderful job working on their Biography Posters that include a paragraph about their person. These are due on Tuesday and will count as a summative grade in writing.

Hopefully you have seen a green Simple Machines project paper in the gray folders. The directions are on the green paper but feel free to let me know if you have any questions. The project will count as a summative grade in science.

In math, we are starting a new unit – multidigit addition and subtraction and multistep word problems. We completed the first part of this unit back in October. We will be revisiting multidigit addition and subtraction with regrouping with four-digit numbers. We will also be learning about estimating with four digits. The word problems for this test will be multistep – students must read the problem carefully because they must do more than one operation per problem. The UPS Check planning page will be very helpful. There will be a formative on multidigit adding and subtracting in multistep problems on Friday, January 18. The summative will be on Tuesday, January 22. Remember, we do not have school on January 21. I will get the quiz back on Friday so that the kids can use it to study.

In shared reading, we will be learning about context clues. Students will be leaning ways to determine the meaning of unknown words by looking at the context. We will have a PowerPoint that I will load into Google Classroom. We will go over this in class with companion interactive note pages that students can review. There will be a formative on context clues on Friday, January 18.

We will also be working on comprehension of nonfiction text this week. We will read Time for Kids articles and answer comprehension questions. We also will review a nonfiction article about sharks and answer comprehension questions. There will be a summative on nonfiction comprehension next week that will be the final grade in reading for the second quarter. This week, we will have a digital 9-Week Checkpoint that includes a nonfiction passage, a fiction passage, and a poem. We will go over these in class.

We finished our study of matter and physical properties last Friday. On Monday afternoon, we start our unit on simple machines.

In writing, we are finishing our Biography Posters. The kids have been so enthusiastic and have done a great job on their Posters. Those are due on Tuesday and will count as a summative writing grade.

This week, we will discuss transition words and how they help our writing sound better. We will complete a couple of activities on transition words and have a transition word formative on Wednesday.

Have a great week and as always, thank you for your support!


MONDAY – 1 word study menu item, multidigit addition problems

TUESDAY - 1 word study menu item, multidigit subtraction problems, formative on transition words tomorrow, Biography Poster due, transition words formative tomorrow

WEDNESDAY – 1 word study menu item, multistep word problem practice

THURSDAY – word study test tomorrow, context clues formative tomorrow, math quiz on multidigit addition and subtraction, estimation, and multistep word problems

January 7-11

Good Afternoon Third Grade Parents!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! This beautiful weather is such a treat!

We have three weeks left in the second quarter. We are about halfway finished with third grade! I am sure you agree that the students have worked very hard and are learning so much. I am impressed by their curiosity and intelligence.

In reading this week, we are going to work on comprehension of fiction. We will be examining two different poems and working on comprehension questions with those poems. As well, we are going to read a story in our reading anthology called A Room of My Own. We will focus on the sequence of events in this story. On Thursday, January 10, the students will have a comprehension of fiction reading summative. This summative will be digital. It will assess the following: syllables, main idea of a passage, main idea of a paragraph, dictionary entries, order of events, and comprehension/understanding of a poem. As well, we will have a digital six-week checkpoint formative on Monday, January 7 to assess reading skills that have been taught and reviewed continually throughout the year.

If your student would like to practice reading comprehension, I have loaded some passages on to Google Classroom. These passages will allow the students to practice looking in the passage to find answers rather than just “hoping” that they remembered the answer. This is not a good strategy. HA!

Also, we will be working on irregular plural nouns – mouse becomes mice, child becomes children, thief becomes thieves, etc. We will have a formative on irregular plural nouns on Wednesday, January 9.

In science, we are continuing our unit on physical properties and matter. Last week, we did two scientific investigations that allowed the students to explore and identify an objects’ physical characteristics: things like ability to float, elasticity, color, texture, mass, etc. On Tuesday, we will do another investigation with bubble gum. Students will use their senses and scientific measuring tools to determine the physical properties of bubble gum before and after it is chewed. IF YOUR CHILD CAN NOT HAVE BUBBLE GUM, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. There will be a physical properties formative on Wednesday, January 9 and a physical properties summative on Friday, January 11. This test will be digital. Students will be expected to think like a scientist. Please review the notes, the matter formative, and the Essential Questions sheet to prepare for the summative.

In math, we are continuing our unit on patterns. The students have learned about repeating patterns, growing patterns, number patterns, and patterns on a number line. On Monday, we will learn about In and Out Boxes or tables. The rest of the week we will practice patterns using concrete manipulative as much as possible. There will be a patterns formative on Wednesday, January 9 and a patterns summative on Friday, January 11. Students will need to know repeating patterns, number patterns, and In and Out Boxes. Many questions on the test ask the student to describe in writing the “rule” for the given pattern.

As you know, Virginia’s Board of Education changed the requirement for third grade students concerning multiplication. Third grade students are no longer expected to memorize all of the multiplication tables – only the 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s tables. We have already had formatives on the 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, and 5’s. We will have a 10’s multiplication quiz this week.

In writing, we are working on biographies. The students chose a person that they want to learn about. They may use books and digital resources to complete a research packet about their person. The website DUCKSTERS is a great site for the students to find biographical information about famous people. We will be gathering information the first part of the week and writing our paragraphs later in the week. The students’ biography paragraphs are due on Friday, January 11. This will be a summative writing grade.

We had our MAPS math test last Thursday. On Tuesday, we will take the reading MAPS test. I will send you a paper copy of the test results soon.

Have a great week!


MONDAY – word study activity, look over irregular plural nouns sheet, review science notes on matter, In and Out Boxes sheet, work on biography project

TUESDAY – irregular nouns formative tomorrow, word study activity, matter quiz tomorrow, patterns quiz tomorrow, work on biography project

WEDNESDAY - word study activity, fiction reading summative tomorrow, work on biography project

THURSDAY - word study test tomorrow, patterns summative tomorrow, physical properties summative tomorrow, biography paragraph due tomorrow

January 2-5

Greetings Third Grade Parents!

I hope everyone had a restful holiday season. I am looking forward to seeing the kids again as we kick off 2019 together!

I want to express my heartfelt thankfulness for all the wonderful Christmas gifts. You were way too generous! Your thoughtfulness and sincerity were so appreciated.

Just a quick reminder that if you want your child to go through Gifted Testing, the parent referral is due in about a week. For complete details, see Mrs. Dubiel’s parent email that was sent out yesterday. The specific dates and links can be found there.

It is time for the mid-year MAPS tests to be administered. The math MAPS test will be given this Thursday, January 3. The reading MAPS test will be given next Tuesday, January 8.

In language arts, we are reviewing reference resources: dictionary, glossary and thesaurus. This week, we will be reviewing alphabetizing words, dictionary guide words, antonyms, and synonyms. There will be a word reference formative on Friday, January 4.

In math, we are starting a new unit on patterns. This week, we will learn about repeating patterns, growing patterns, and then number patterns. There will be a patterns formative on next Tuesday, January 8. The patterns summative will be on Thursday, January 10.

In science, we are starting a new unit on physical properties and matter. On Thursday, the kids will do a fun experiment with Oobleck! We will have a matter summative next Friday, January 11.

On Friday, we will have some winter fun as we study the science behind snowflakes and then do a STEAM activity and create our own snowflakes.

There will be no Word Study this week, but we get back to it next week!

The only homework will be to review science notes and to complete pattern exercise sheets on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wishing you all a happy New Year’s Eve!

December 17-19

Hello Parents!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend despite the rain. I am posting this as early as possible this weekend in case folks have time on Saturday and Sunday and would like to get ahead on assignments and studying.

In social studies, we are learning about Egypt. As you know, this is a repeat from second grade because the state changed some SOLs and moved China and Egypt to third grade. Your children will learn the material twice;). We will have the Egypt summative on Wednesday, December 19. Students have received a study guide and notes that are in their yellow social studies folders. They also have an Egypt Google Slides presentation to complete between now and Wednesday. That is posted on Google Classroom. These items should be studied for the test.

In math, we continue to work on multiplication models. We will have a multiplication models quiz on Monday, December 17. I will grade it quickly and get that back to students so that they can prepare for the summative on Wednesday, December 19. For the quiz, students need to understand how to model a multiplication problem with an array, number line, and groups. The students have many activities in their red math folder and a Google Slides activity that we went over in class that is posted in Google Classroom that they can study from. (Many students did not finish the activity posted on Google Classroom. That is OK. I asked them to do some examples from each section, but they do not have to complete them all.) For the multiplication models summative, the students should know the following: 1) be able to pick the multiplication sentence that matches an array, a number line model, and a grouping model, 2) draw an array, number line,  and a grouping model that corresponds with a given problem, and 3) answer single and multistep word problems that involve an understanding of multiplication. There are class activities in the students’ math folders for all these skills.

In reading, we continue to work on comprehension of nonfiction. We are integrating science and reading as we learn about circuits and read about the history of Christmas lights. We have already done a science experiment with a battery and Christmas lights. Next week, we will be working with some really cool circuit kits to create more advanced circuits.

We are also learning about flyers as a form of nonfiction reading. We have studied one example about a Fall Festival and will review two more flyer examples on Monday. There will be a quiz on comprehension of flyers on Tuesday, December 18.  We will have a digital summative on comprehension of nonfiction on Monday, December 17 that assess students’ comprehension of nonfiction. We have completed several digital reading passages on the Chromebooks that were for practice only. After the practice passages, we have reviewed the correct answers and the reading strategies that should be applied to help with reading comprehension of digital passages. The students should be prepared to determine if questions are “in my head” or “in the text.” If a question is text dependent, students need to support the answer by showing the paragraph where they found the answer. This has been reviewed extensively over the last several weeks.

As you know, the kids have been working on their research project for over two weeks.  That is due on Wednesday, December 19.  I  have encouraged the students to finish this at home as our time in class is already so busy.  You may want to check your child's progress.  This is the only homework for next week.  

We are going to have some Christmas fun as we do two Christmas science experiments involving – what else – Christmas candy!

On Wednesday, we are doing some holiday STEAM activities as the kids build Santa’s workshop, make a parachute for Santa’s gifts, explore static electricity and Christmas tinsel, and design Santa’s sleigh.

Our winter rotation party will be Tuesday afternoon.

Pajama day is Wednesday.

I am sending home a “Twelve Nights of Winter Reading” optional reading activity. Look for the flyer on Monday afternoon. If you desire, you can email or text me pictures of the kids doing the fun reading activities and I will print the pictures and make a cool bulletin board to warm our hearts during the winter months. I am attaching a Time For Kids magazine to the flyer. This would be great nonfiction reading material for one of the days.

I hope you all have the happiest of holiday seasons. I will reach out again in 2019!

December 3-7

Dear Third Grade Parents,

It was so nice to see you all on Thursday at the Gift of Writing Event. I am sure you agree that the kids did a wonderful job!

We completed our math unit on rounding, ordering, and comparing numbers on Friday. The kids did great on the summative! This week we start our new unit – multiplication models. This is a two-week unit in which the students learn ways to represent multiplication: 1. Repeated addition, 2. Grouping models, 3. Arrays, and 4. Jumps on a number line. The Virginia Standards of Learning changed this year concerning the rote memorization of multiplication facts. Third grade students are no longer expected to memorize all the facts. They will learn the zeros, ones, twos, fives, and tens only. Our major focus will be on the multiplication models. I have emailed the Math Message newsletter that was created by Chesterfield County Public Schools if you wish to better understand multiplication models and why they are so important to understand before memorizing facts.

This week we will learn all four models. Next week, we will compare and contrast the four models with a quiz on repeated addition, the grouping model, arrays, and jumps on a number line on Tuesday, December 11. We will then work on solving multiplication word problems and learn how to create our own multiplication word problems. The multiplication models and multiplication word problems summative will be on Friday, December 14.

In social studies we are continuing to learn about Ancient China. The students have paper notes in their social studies folders that they should look at a little each evening. As well, they have an interactive Google Slides Presentation that has been posted on Google Classroom. The students are completing this in class and it is a great study tool. There will be an open notes Ancient China quiz on Wednesday, December 5. The Ancient China summative will be on Friday, December 7.

As a side note, on Wednesday the technology integrator will be in to teach a digital lesson using Google Maps that will help the students learn the geography of China. These materials will also be on Google Classroom and should be a study tool.

In writing, we are doing research on either Ancient China or Ancient Egypt. The students could choose. In library resource, students are learning to use books, encyclopedias, and the computer to do research and complete a research grid that will be a formative grade and is due by Friday. On Monday, we are starting our rough draft of a five-paragraph short report in class. We will work on this writing piece for about two weeks. It will be due before the winter holiday and will count as a summative grade in writing.  

In reading, we are going to be doing some work with word analysis. We are going to practice those tricky irregular vowels. Our spiral review for the week has examples of parts of speech, suffixes and prefixes, and irregular plurals. Students will have a word analysis formative on Thursday, December 6 that covers all these skills.

As previously discussed, we are going to have a new genres quiz. The first genres quiz we had last week revealed some misunderstandings, particularly about fables, folk tales, fairy tales, and tall tales. We will go over the original quiz (it does not count) and I have planned some additional lessons. The new genre quiz will be on Wednesday, December 5. I have loaded a great Genre PowerPoint on to the kids’ Google Classroom. We have gone over it in class, but it could be used as a study tool at home. We are going to be reading the folk tale, Stone Soup set in Ancient China this week. The back of the genre quiz will have some vocabulary questions about this story. The students will bring home their reading books and should read Stone Soup aloud to a parent as practice for their quiz.

The students got new novels last week. Those will be due after the holidays.

This week we are celebrating National Computer Science Education Week by participating in coding activities. The students have a menu of kid friendly coding websites loaded on to Google Classroom. They may enjoy doing these at home, as well!

Have a great week and thank you for your support.


Monday – 1-word study menu item, math sheet on repeated addition, study China notes {paper and Google Classroom materials}

Tuesday – 1-word study menu item, math sheet on the grouping model, genre and Stone Soup formative tomorrow, study China notes {paper and Google Classroom materials}

Wednesday - 1-word study menu item, word analysis formative tomorrow, math sheet on arrays, study China notes {paper and Google Classroom materials}

Thursday – spelling test tomorrow, China summative tomorrow – study Google Maps activity, study China Google Slides presentation, and study highlighted paper notes

November 19-20

Greetings Third Grade Parents!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! As you well know, we have a short week coming up. Here is what the students have for Monday and Tuesday.

We will be doing a variety of Thanksgiving themed activities to practice skills from the past several weeks – Homophone Harvest, Pilgrim Parts of Speech, and Turkey two-digit addition and subtraction. We will also be reading a nonfiction article about the First Thanksgiving. This article will help us review sound reading strategies:

1.  Strategic highlighting of the text – Students should not be highlighting entire sentences. Rather, we have discussed highlighting bold words, dates, proper nouns, key details, etc. This is a very hard skill that we must practice.

2. Determining Where to Find an Answer – Before reading, I have taught the students to read all the questions. After reading the question, the student is to determine if this is an “In My Head” question or “In the Text” question.

3. Providing Text Evidence- If a question is to be found in the text, the students have been instructed to indicate in what paragraph they found the answer. They need to number paragraphs and write down the paragraph number beside the question.

Reading for comprehension is a very active and thoughtful process. We will not have success if we are randomly highlighting, reading without focus, or rushing. The passages will become increasingly more complex and the questions will require students to put in much effort. We will be working on reading comprehension a great deal in the coming months. When reading comprehension activities and assessments come home, check to see if your child is going through this process in a careful way.

On Monday, we will be reviewing a skill the students know well – Author’s Purpose. We will use the acronym PIEE to help with this. Students will determine if the author of a text wanted to persuade, inform, entertain, or explain. There will be a short and sweet Author’s Purpose formative on Tuesday, November 20.

In science, we will finish the water and the water cycle. There will be a summative water test on Tuesday, November 20. This science summative and all science summatives from here on out will be given digitally on the student Chromebooks. You will not get paper copies of tests so look for your child’s grades on ParentVue. To prepare for the test, the students already have a study guide and some activities in their green folders. On Monday, they will be provided some practice questions and the Essential Understandings. We will go over both in class, but students should review at home on Monday evening to be fully prepared for the test on Tuesday.

In math, we are continuing our Place Value Part 2 unit. Last week, we did several activities with comparing numbers as greater than, less than, or equal to. We will continue that skill for the next couple of days and then work on ordering numbers and rounding after the Thanksgiving break. The Place Value summative will be on Friday, November 30.

On Tuesday, we are going to have some fun with three Thanksgiving STEAM activities.  Students will get to:  build the Mayflower and see what design floats the best, create a Thanksgiving table to hold the harvest and see what design is the sturdiest, and create a place for poor turkey to hide!

In writing, we are so busy preparing for your visit. The students wrote fall poems and are now working on a fall personal narrative. We still have a fall letter to write and a fall persuasive piece. We can’t wait to read to you at the Gift of Writing event.

Your child may have mentioned that we have been practicing for the CoGat tests. We have one more day to go. Hopefully, you saw the letter that Mrs. Dubiel sent home last Wednesday explaining the CoGats and providing the dates. These tests will be given online using the Chromebooks on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after the break.


MONDAY – study for Author’s Purpose formative tomorrow, math sheet, study for water cycle summative tomorrow

TUESDAY – Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26-30

I know that you all are going to be very busy during the Thanksgiving weekend visiting with family and – should I say it- decorating for the winter holidays! I am letting you know what is coming after Thanksgiving so that you can focus on family and friends and leave school behind for a bit.

Students should finish their novels and the corresponding activities by Monday, November 26. On that day, we will be having Literature Circles and the kids need to be prepared to share and discuss with their classmates about their book.

In math, we will continue with Place Value Part 2. On Monday, we will discuss ordering four-digit numbers. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will practice rounding to the tens, hundreds, and thousands place. There will be a quiz on all of this on Wednesday, November 28 and the summative will be on Friday, November 30. For the Place Value summative test, students will be expected to: 1. round to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand, 2. order a set of four, four-digit numbers from both least to greatest and greatest to least, 3. determine a magic number, and 4. indicate greater than, less than, or equal to.  There is a comprehensive study guide that students should study to be prepared.

In shared reading, we will be discussing the different genres of literature: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, fables, etc. There will be a formative on genres on Thursday, November 29.

In social studies, we will be learning about Ancient China. Yes!  Your child did learn about that last year in second grade. The Virginia Department of Education has moved the Ancient China and Ancient Egypt  SOLs to third grade starting this year. Therefore, your kiddos will get these again, but with more rigor. The Ancient China summative will be sometime during the first week of December. I will announce that as we get closer.  

Don’t forget the Gift of Writing event is on Thursday, November 29 at 2:45. If you filled out the green slip that was attached to the invitation, I will have your security badge waiting for you on a table at the front door of the school. Pick up your sticker and come on down!

CoGats will be in administered in the mornings of Tuesday, November 27, Wednesday, November 28, and Thursday November 29. These are digital tests done on the Chromebooks. You will receive the testing results in a few weeks.

Thanks for your support!


MONDAY – Word Study menu item, math sheet

TUESDAY – Word Study menu item, math sheet, place value formative tomorrow (know ordering numbers, comparing numbers, and rounding numbers)

WEDNESDAY – Word Study menu item, math sheet, study for genres formative tomorrow

THUSDAY – spelling test tomorrow, Place Value test tomorrow – use study guide

Week of November 12-16

Hello Third Grade Parents!

Hope you all had a nice fall weekend. I heard from the kids that this was the final weekend of outdoor sports like soccer. Hope you stayed warm!

Thanks to all of you who have gotten pledges for the Boosterthon Fun Run that will happen this Friday, November 16. Because of those pledges, our class has earned two awards – no spelling homework on Monday and Crazy Sock Day on Monday!   So Monday night, the students can skip Word Study homework and they should wear their crazy socks tomorrow – Monday, November 12.

In math, we are completing our telling time unit. There will be a quiz on Tuesday, Nov. 13.   Students will need to tell time to the nearest minute and complete elapsed time word problems.  On Thursday, Nov. 15 we will have the time summative. For the summative test, students will need to do the following: match an analog clock to a digital clock, read and write times to the nearest minute, complete elapsed time problems, and be able to identify equivalent times for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. There is a good study guide to help with the equivalent times that the students already have. I will provide a packet with around 30 elapsed time problems for extra practice at home if it is needed.  Our next unit of study will be place value part 2. We will be working on ordering numbers and identifying numbers as greater than and less than.

We will continue to practice comprehension of fiction and nonfiction. We will answer questions about our Time For Kids articles and read a funny fiction story in our basal reader called Cook – A – Doodle -Do!   With the fiction story, we will discuss drawing conclusions and other story elements. There will be a comprehension of fiction summative at the end of the week.

The students have their new novels. I hope they are enjoying them. The kids may work on reading these books through the Thanksgiving holiday. The novels and the corresponding activity are due on Monday, November 26.

In shared reading, we are also working on dividing words into their syllable parts. On Monday, students will receive a sheet with some syllable rules that are helpful. We will do several activities for practice and there will be a ‘dividing syllables” formative on Friday, November 16.

In science, we are starting a unit on water and the water cycle. Students will get a study guide on Monday. We will be completing interactive notes each day this week. On Wednesday, the students will have an open notes water cycle reading comprehension activity. The summative test for water and the water cycle will be next Tuesday, November 20.

In writing, we start our Fall Writing Collection tomorrow. Students will be writing fall poems, a fall letter, a fall persuasive writing piece, and a fall personal narrative. These will be collected and shared with you at our annual Gift of Writing Event on Thursday, November 29 at 2:45. An invitation with details will be coming home in your child’s gray folder on Monday night.

Hope you all have a great week!


MONDAY – no spelling – elapsed time sheet – both sides – study for time quiz tomorrow

TUESDAY – 1 Word Study menu item – complete 10 elapsed time problems of your choice

WEDNESDAY – 1 Word Study menu item – study for telling time summative tomorrow –

THURSDAY – 1 Word Study menu item – syllables quiz tomorrow – spelling test tomorrow

Week Of October 29 - Nov. 2

Dear Third Grade Parents!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. It is hard to believe, but the first nine weeks of third grade is nearly over. I am so impressed with how well the students have made the ever so challenging transition to third. I should have all the grading done by Thursday evening. You will know your child’s final grades for the quarter by Thursday night.

This week in math, we are starting a new unit – telling time. We will begin with a review of periods of time for day, month, and year. Please see the study guide for this information. Then we move on to telling time on an analog clock to the nearest minute. After we return from the break in November, we will learn about elapsed time. There will be a telling time formative on Wednesday, October 31. For the quiz, students should know how to tell time to the nearest minute on an analog clock, periods of time for day, month, and year, and equivalent periods of time on a calendar.  This will be the final math grade of this quarter.

In shared reading, we will be reviewing a variety of word analysis skills to prepare for a word analysis formative on Wednesday, October 31. We will do activities on recognizing verbs, review how to use apostrophe s, practice counting syllables in words, and hit prefixes and suffixes one more time. Students will see all these word analysis skills on their quiz Wednesday.

As you know, we have already taken part 1 of our geography test – the land and water features of North America. We have part 2 on Tuesday, October 30 – the land and water features of South America. The two parts will be put together to make one summative social studies grade.

We have also been discussing diversity in America during the social studies block. The students will be bringing their social studies books home in the evenings to review the diversity chapter with you. They already have notes and a vocabulary fill-in-the-blank activity to study. Later this week, they will have an Essential Questions activity to study. The diversity summative will be on Thursday, November 1. This will be the final grade of the quarter.

Students have been focused on reading their novels. The Sarah, Plain and Tall group has a comprehension packet. The other 3 groups may choose any activity they want from the Reading Comprehension booklet they have. The reading and the activities should be finished on Wednesday, November 7.

We will have our last reading summative on Tuesday, October 30. There will be two nonfiction passages with comprehension questions. There will be several main idea and heading questions. Student also need to know setting. We will do activities to review and prepare.

We will be taking a hiatus from spelling for a couple of weeks. There will be no Word Study groups this week. Students will have six spelling test grades from this quarter that will be averaged and will count as one summative writing grade. I will post that as soon as I get all the spelling tests from the different teachers.  As well, we will not do Word Study the week first full week of November as that is a three-day week.

On Wednesday, we will be rotating to four spooky STEAM challenges – Pumpkin Catapults, Pumpkin Towers, Spider Walkers, and Spider Bridges. Thank you to the parents who sent in supplies for these activities. It promises to be a fun afternoon!

You may have heard that the kids now have their very own Chromebooks!  Yeah! Last Friday, each student was assigned their Chromebook and we came up with new passwords for everyone. Each child has a password that is unique to them and they have been told to keep it secret. We are so excited to have this technology available to us all the time!

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you at Parent Teacher Conferences!


MONDAY – study for South America geography test tomorrow- complete “Calendars” page for math

TUESDAY – study for telling time formative tomorrow, prepare for word analysis formative tomorrow, and complete “Telling Time” page and “Equivalent Times Matching Cards” page

WEDNESDAY – study for Diversity Summative tomorrow

THURSDAY – none but read your novel

Week of October 22-26

Good Afternoon Third Grade Parents!

Wow!  We only have two more weeks of the first quarter left. The kids are doing amazing. I am very proud of them. I have updated Parent Vue so you know where your child currently stands in terms of grades. I have also gone ahead and posted the dates and descriptions of the upcoming assessments for this quarter on parent Vue. That way, if your child has a target grade they are reaching for, you both know how to study and prepare.  Note thntil we start simple machines in November.

We still have two reading summatives left. One will be a nonfiction comprehension test with three passages. The other will be a Performance Based Project to assesses understanding of nonfiction text features. There are explicit directions and a rubric. Parents and students will know the expectations for this project and students are welcome to work on this in the evenings with your guidance. This summative project will be due on next Monday, October 29.

Students also have a Performance Based Project for social studies. Again, the kids will be provided clear and specific instructions and a rubric. The kids are invited to work on this at school and at home with your guidance to make sure they are following the directions and are working neatly and accurately. This summative project will be due this Friday, October 26.

In math, we are finishing up our geometry unit this week. There will be a formative on Wednesday, October 24 that covers shape names, angles, and congruent and noncongruent figures. The summative will be Friday, October 26. For the geometry summative, students need to know:

1.  The names of the various polygons – see Polygon Concept Map page for examples and descriptions of shapes,

2. How to determine if a given shape is a polygon or not a polygon,

3. How to identify a right angle,

4. Angles, rays, lines, and line segments,

5. Identify shapes as congruent or noncongruent,

6. Be able to draw lines, line segments, rays, and angles with a ruler.

During shared reading time, we will be using our nonfiction articles in the Time for Kids magazine to determine the main idea and supporting details of text. There will be a main idea formative on Thursday, October 25.

In addition to reviewing the continents and oceans of the world, students will be learning about specific geographic features of North America and South America.  To lighten the load, the students will be tested on these two continents on separate days but only one summative grade will be entered in the gradebook. The geography of North America test will be on Thursday, October 25.

I have sent out the SignUp Genius for those wishing to conference with me.

Have a great week and thank you for your support!


MONDAY – sort words and 1 menu item, “Shape Addition” page

TUESDAY - sort words and 1 menu item, study for geometry quiz tomorrow, complete congruent and noncongruent sheet

WEDNESDAY - sort words and 1 menu item, main idea formative tomorrow, map test on North America tomorrow, congruent shapes page

THURSDAY – spelling test tomorrow, geometry summative tomorrow, social studies globe project due tomorrow

Week of October 15-19

Hello Third Grade Parents!

Wishing you all a happy weekend. I hope the kids enjoyed yet another unexpected break! Here is what we will be doing next week.

Since we missed school on Friday morning, we will have the suffix/prefix formative on Monday. We will have the missed Word Study test, as well.

It is time for a second reading summative. Our last reading summative focused on the comprehension of nonfiction. This week, we will review comprehension strategies to better understand poetry and fiction passages. We will be reading lots of fun poems which the kids always enjoy. We will practice understanding fiction with a passage called “How to Pet A Dolphin”. Students will continue to practice these steps: 1) divide and number paragraphs, 2) determine if a question is “In my Head” or “In my text”, 3) and strategic highlighting. (Some students are highlighting way too much. We need to try to focus on highlighting those things that are most important.) The fiction summative will be on Thursday, October 18.

Of course, we will not be leaving nonfiction out this week. We will be reviewing nonfiction text features: title page, table of contents, index, glossary, dictionary guide words, headings, subheadings, bold words, italics, bullet points, illustrations, captions, diagrams, labels, maps, tables, charts, and diagrams. Did you know all these features help us better understand the nonfiction texts we read? Students will be completing interactive notes on all these items. They may want to look over these at home on Thursday night. There will be a nonfiction text features formative on Friday, October 19.

It has been great to see the kids enthusiastically reading their “chocolate” novels. The reading and the corresponding written activities are due Friday, October 19 . Students will get new novels at that time.

We had our graphing summative last Thursday and the kids rocked it! We are starting our geometry unit on Monday. Students will learn about lines, points, angles, polygons, quadrilaterals, congruent and non-congruent figures, and subdividing shapes to make new shapes. This will be a two-week unit. We will have the geometry summative on Friday, October 26.

Currently, the children are working on “The Great Graphing Project”. This is a Performance Based Activity with clear directions and a rubric. It will count as a summative math grade. Since it counts as a summative, students will want to do well. It is due on Tuesday, October 16. If you feel it is needed, look over the project with your child on Monday night before they hand it in. Ask your child to share their project with you. Encourage them to share with you the expectations on the rubric. Did they do their best work?

In science, we are moving along with our habitats/ecosystems unit. Students will be completing a habitats booklet that will make them familiar with the different plants, animals, weather, and locations of the world’s habitats.  The habitats/ecosystems summative will be on Friday, October 19. Students should focus on the study guide, the vocabulary flash cards, and the Essential Questions sheet. Students need to know the difference between a population and a community, be able to recognize the plants and animals found in various aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and be able to identify a habitat as aquatic or terrestrial. There will be a habitats formative on Thursday, October 18.

In writing, the kids are having a great time learning how adverbs and adjectives make our writing more interesting. The kids will be completing “monster” stories this week. These descriptive, narrative pieces will count as a summative grade.

Field day is Wednesday in the afternoon. Don’t forget comfortable clothes and shoes and a water bottle for your student.


MONDAY – sort and complete 1 menu item with Word Study words, complete lines and rays page

TUESDAY - sort and complete 1 menu item with Word Study words, complete “Simple House Picture” activity

WEDNESDAY - sort and complete 1 menu item with Word Study words, fiction summative tomorrow, habitats quiz tomorrow, lines, segments, and rays sort

THURSDAY – spelling test tomorrow, nonfiction text features formative tomorrow, complete subdividing polygons sheet

Week of October 8-12

Hello Parents!  Let me begin by saying that we had a great week.  The kids worked very hard on their research projects and they look really good!  The animal research reports will end up being three grades - a formative reading grade for "Uses a variety of print and electronic resources" and 2 writing grades.  The questions will count as  a  formative and the actual report will be a summative.  

The math graphing unit is humming along nicely.  The kids handled the graphing quiz on Friday very well.  To prepare for the  graphing summative on Thursday, October 11, you will want to pay particular attention to the multiple-choice graphing questions that we did in class on Friday and the graphing quiz we took on Friday.  Both are in the students' math folders.  Next Thursday, students need to be able to analyze and interpret graphs on the test.  Specifically, students will be asked to:  analyze info in a chart and pick the corresponding graph, understand that graphs have TAILS (Titles, Axis, Intervals, and Lables), they have to know that a key shows the value of the pictures in a pictograph, they will have to construct their own pictograph and bar graph using data from a data chart, and they will need to be able to analyze a graph and pick true and false statements about that graph.  On Friday, we  start our new math unit - geometry.

In reading, all groups met with me to discuss their novels.  We talked about the targeted reading comprehension strategies in their booklets.  Now we all have chocolate fever!  Each group has a chocolate-themed novel.  Groups have been assigned a page in the reading comprehension booklet.  The group reading Chocolate Fever has a reading comprehension packet to complete.  The reading and the written exercises are due on Friday, October 19.  

In shared reading, we will be reading the funny story Wolf! in our basal readers.  The  students will analyze the story  to learn about Problem and Solution.  We will do a few activities with Problem and Solution and have a formative on Wednesday, October 10.  

We will also be reviewing prefixes and suffixes.  There will be a prefixes and suffixes formative on Friday, October 12.

In science, we have been busy learning about food chains.  The students have watched several videos, made flash cards of key vocabulary, and worked on a food chains interactive booklet.  The food chains summative will be this Tuesday, October 9.  To prepare, students should study the flashcards, the study guide, the graded formative, and the Essential Questions.  The Essential Questions reflect the rigor and depth of understanding required to do well on the summative.  Next, we will learn about animal habitats.

The students have taken three spelling tests and are enjoying switching for Word Study.  Just a reminder - all of the spelling tests will be averaged to make one summative writing grade.  Since spelling tests are recorded in writing, the writing SOLs apply to the tests.  For the dictation sentences on the spelling tests, students are expected to use correct capitalization and grammar.  

We will continue to work on comprehension of nonfiction as we read our Time For Kids.  As well, we will be working on poetry and fiction passages.  We are focusing on reading strategies that help us understand our reading better:  dividing our passages by paragraph, numbering the paragraphs, determining if the questions is "in my head" or "in the text", and highlighting important information.  We will have a fiction summative the week of October 15-19.  

On the horizon:

1.  Picture Day - October 10

2.  Richmond Symphony - October 11

3.  Early Release - October 12

4.  Field Day - October 17 - Mr. Baytop needs volunteers to make field day a success.  Consider volunteering.


MONDAY - read novel, sort words and 1 menu item, study for science summative tomorrow, complete graph

TUESDAY -  read novel, sort words and 1 menu item, Problem and Solution quiz, graph

WEDNESDAY -  read novel, sort words and 1 menu item, study for graphing summative tomorrow

THURSDAY -  read novel, spelling test tomorrow, suffixes and prefixes formative tomorrow

Week of October 1-5

It was so great to see you all on Thursday evening.  Thank you for attending Back to School Night!

We will continue our math unit on multidigit addition and subtraction in word problems.  By Monday afternoon, your child will have four sheets that explain the step-by-step procedures and strategies to "attack" word problems.  On Monday, the students will receive a laminated U-P-S Check work mat to help them solve word problems.  Students need to write down what they Understand, make a Plan (pick an operation), Solve the problem (show your work), and Check the work (do the opposite operation to see if the computation was done correctly).  On Wednesday, there will be a formative of single step word problems that contain multidigit addition and subtraction problems.  Students should prepare for this test by using their UPS Check mat with the word problems copied on blue paper.  Be sure to read the paper that I sent home Thursday that was created by the math department with parent strategies for helping young mathematicians with word problems.

After the math formative on Wednesday, we start our new math unit on graphing.  The students will be learning about survey questions, tally charts, using data from a tally chart to make a bar graph and a pictograph.  Students will be asked to ANALYZE graphs.  This is hard and we will get in lots of practice.  There will be a formative on graphs on Friday and a summative test next Thursday, October 11.  

In reading, we start the week by reviewing ambiguous or irregular vowels patterns.  There will be several activities to practice this and a formative on Thursday.

As well, we will start to learn about prefixes and suffixes on Friday.  We will spend several days on this and have a formative on prefixes and suffixes sometime next week.

Students need to finish the novels that they were assigned and complete ONE activity in the Reading Response Journal that is in their guided reading baggie.  The Charlotte's Web group will do comprehension questions and vocabulary instead of the Reading Response Journal.  The reading and the activity/questions need to be done by this Friday, October 5.  On Friday, the whole class will get "chocolate fever" as we all get novels that are chocolate themed - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chocolate Fever and Chocolate Touch.  What fun!  Students will have two weeks to complete their novels so that puts us at October 19 to finish the reading and one activity in the Reading Response Journal.  

In third grade, reading and reading comprehension are integrated into everything we  do:  math word problems, the social studies text Our World, science notes, Time For Kids non-fiction articles, shared reading stories in our basal reader, reading checkpoints when we practice reading strategies, and novel studies just to name a few.  It is not so much about ticking off minutes each night as it is about reading to be a successful student and enjoying quality literature and discussing our reading with others.  The kids learn to self-monitor their reading habits to complete their assignments.  I will start to include "Read your novel" on the homework agenda to help students remember to pull out their books each evening.  

In writing, we are continuing to use Chromebooks to do digital research about an animal to write a simple report.  We will finish the research Monday, begin the rough draft, and have final copies completed on Friday.  This  short report will count as a summative writing grade.

In science, we are doing a second animal unit - food chains.  Students will be receiving a study guide, flash cards, and will be completing a food chains interactive booklet.  By the end of the unit, students will understand producers, consumers, predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore.  As well, they must understand how all these interconnect in food webs.  There will be a formative on food chains vocabulary on Friday, October 5.  There will be a food chains summative on Tuesday, October 9.  

On the horizon we have Picture Day on Wednesday, October 10 and an early release day on Friday, October 12.

Almost done!  Some of you asked if you could send in items for the class.  We are in need of Skittles for a math graphing activity, we need several bags those pumpkin candies that remind you of candy  corn for a Halloween Steam activity, and file folders.  

Have great week and thank you so much for your support!


MONDAY - read novel, word problems - "Addition" side only, sort and 1 Word Study menu item, and review science notes

TUESDAY - read novel, word problems - complete back of yesterday's sheet, study for math word problem formative tomorrow, sort and 1 menu item with Word Study words, review science notes

WEDNESDAY - read novel, "Bus Arrival" graph page, study for irregular vowels formative, review science notes,sort and 1 menu item

THURSDAY - read novel, both sides of graphing page, study for graphing quiz tomorrow, spelling test tomorrow, science formative on food chains vocabulary (study flash cards)

Week of September 24-28

Hello Third Grade Parents!  Well, it was an interesting week with the bad weather and late arrival on Tuesday, but I think we are back to normal now.    Hope it stays that way for a while!

We finished our social studies unit on Rules, Laws, and  the Role of Government.  Now we will be working on a science unit about animal adaptations.  This is a short, five day unit.  We will have a formative on vocabulary/terms related to the topic on Wednesday, September 26.  Students should study their flash cards and study guide.  We will have the summative on Friday, September 28.  Students should review the activities in their green science folder each evening to be prepared for the test on Friday.

In math, we completed our unit on place value and we will now be learning about multidigit addition and subtraction, estimation, and single step word problems that contain two and three digit addition and subtraction problems.  The math department has divided this unit into two parts.  The first part will be assessed with a formative next Wednesday, October 3.  We will pick up this unit again in January and have the summative at that time.  Students need to be confident with two and three digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, estimation, and single step word problems for the formative.

In writing, we have almost completed a personal narrative that will count as a summative grade.  This week, we begin researching an animal to write a short report.  Students will complete digital research and research in books.  The final draft will be finished during the first of October and will count as a summative writing grade.

Also in writing, we will be discussing pronouns with a particular emphasis on the pronoun "I".  Students will learn that when we use "I" in a sentence with "and" as in the sentence "Mrs. Majetic and I both like pizza.",  the "I" comes after the word "and".  There will be a simple formative on Wednesday, September 26 .

We have started guided reading groups with literacy stations.  The children have novels that they are reading.  In addition, they have been given a comprehension activity to complete with their book.  Students should be done reading their books and have their activity completed by October 5.

For shared reading, we are learning about reference materials - atlas, almanac, encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus.  Students will be making a Reference Resources Game and will complete activity sheets to use for studying.  There will be a formative on reference materials on Wednesday, September 26.  You Tube has a great clip by Sparkly Barkley on Reference Materials - part 1 and 2- that you may want to check out.

We have a guidance lesson on Monday and math MAPS testing on Tuesday.  Have a great week!


MONDAY - sort words and complete 1 menu item, complete front and back of 2 digit addition and sutraction page, study science materials (notes and flash cards), review reference materials activities

TUESDAY - sort words and complete 1 menu item, complete 3 digit addition page,  study science materials (notes and flash cards) for science vocabulary formative tomorrow, study reference materials activities for reference materials formative tomorrow

WEDNESDAY - sort words and complete 1 menu item, complete 3 digit subtraction page, prepare for formative tomorrow on using "I" with "and" in a sentence,  study science materials (notes and flash cards)

THURSDAY - spelling test tomorrow, complete estimation word problems, science summative tomorrow

Week of September 17-21

Hello Third Grade Parents!  Hope that the kids enjoyed an unexpected, long weekend.  I sure missed them on Friday.  

I wanted to let you know that we are celebrating Constitution Day tomorrow - Monday, September 17 - by wearing patriotic colors.  If possible, we are asking all of the third-grade children to wear red, white, and blue.

Tomorrow, please check your child's gray communication folder for an important letter from your child's new Word Study teacher.  This letter is full of information about how the third-grade team does Word Study.  It explains the homework and testing expectations.  Also, a Word Study menu of activities will be glued in your child's Word Study journal so that they can complete simple homework activities on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings.  

Because we missed Friday, I am adjusting assessments by a day.  We will have the synonyms/antonyms quiz tomorrow - Monday.  We will have the place value math summative on Thursday.  On Wednesday night, there will be two resources that you will want to seek out to help your child feel completely confident and prepared for the math test.  There will be the place value quiz  and a place value review page to study.  Students need to  be confident with the following:  position, place value, expanded form, word form, base ten blocks, mystery number, greater than and less than using symbols, and rounding to the nearest hundred and thousand.  Activities and examples of these skills are found in the red math folder.  Also, there will be a formative of all of these skills on Wednesday.  I will quickly grade it and send it home that day so that students know what  they need to study.

We have been hard at work learning about Rules, Laws and Citizenship.  There will be a social studies summative on these concepts this Friday, September, 21.  To prepare, students will be bringing home their social studies book.  They should focus on pages 58-59.  As well,  they have notes in their yellow social studies folder and a baggie of flash cards with important terms.

In shared reading, we have discussed comprehension strategies to use when we are reading to help us better understand the text.  Students will have a cold read this week that will be a formative in reading.  As well, we will be learning about the articles a, an, and the.  There will be a simple exercise on using these articles on Thursday that will count as a writing formative.  

I have heard from a couple of parents this week expressing that their child failed to bring home the proper folder needed to complete homework.  Just so you know, I write on  the board every day the materials that need to be in the bookbag for home.  I will continue to draw their attention to this list so that you have all the materials you need each night.  

Our Back to School Night has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 27 at 6:00.  See you then and thank your for all of your support!


MONDAY- place value sheet, sort Word Study words and complete one menu item, study social studies notes and flash cards

TUESDAY - place value sheet, study for math quiz tomorrow, sort Word Study words and complete one menu item, study social studies notes and flash cards

WEDNESDAY- prepare for place value summative tomorrow (look at formative and review page), review articles a, an, and the for quiz tomorrow, study social studies notes and flash cards, sort Word Study words and complete one menu item

THURSDAY - prepare for Word Study spelling test tomorrow, prepare for summative on Rules, Laws, and Citizenship tomorrow, math sheet on 3 digit addition

Week of Sept. 10-14

Hello  Third Grade Parents!  Our first week of school was a good one.  We learned about the new PBIS behavior expectations for the whole school - Be Safe! Be Kind! and Be Responsible!  We were reminded of how we should act when on the bus, in the halls, in the cafeteria, and on the playground.  We earned eight Positive Paws in the first week and we are on our way to earning a reward!  

All week we have been "thinking like a scientist" to prepare for our first science summative test this Wednesday, September 12.  This first test is all about the APPLICATION of scientific knowledge.  Students need to apply their understandings of the scientific method, work with tools that scientists use, interpret scientific data presented in a table, and analyze scientific findings presented on  graphs.  

To prepare, we have watched several Brain Pop clips about observation, generating a hypothesis, science tools, and the scientific method.  We did three science experiments using the scientific method.  This coming Monday, we will do a fourth science experiment and we will record the data on a table and construct a graph using the data.  These are things the students will see on the test.

This past Friday, we went to science rotations.  Students sorted and classified shells, rock, and balls, used graduated cylinders to measure water, used rulers to measure length, and used balance scales to compare weight.  

Students are instructed to bring home the green science folder each day through this coming Wednesday.  Notes and study guides are stored the folder.

On Monday, the students will have their first reading formative test.  It will be an open book quiz for Vacation Under the Volcano.  Students need to have read the book and need to bring it this Monday, September 10 so  that they can complete the quiz using the book to verify answers.   This week will also be learning about synonyms and antonyms and there will be a synonym and antonym formative on Friday, September .

On Wednesday after our science test, we will begin our new social studies unit about Rules, Laws and Citizenship.  Students will be instructed to bring home their social studies folder each evening to look over their notes a little at a time.  The summative will be in about a week and a half.  A specific date for the summative will be forthcoming.  We will have a simple formative on good and bad citizenship.  

Last week in math, we reviewed strategies for addition:  Friendly Tens, Doubles, Near Doubles, and Counting On With 1,2, or 3.  We had a simple formative on these strategies on Friday.  The grade has been posted on ParentVue.  This Monday, we start place value.  There is so much to learn with place value so this material is divided into two units.  We will do part one for the next week and a half and we will have the place value summative next Wednesday, September 19.  We will do more place value later in the year.  For the next seven days, students will be learning about position, value, expanded form, word form, rounding to nearest 10, 100, and 1,000, and comparing numbers as greater than or less than.  There will be a formative on Monday, Spetember 17 which I will quickly grade and return so that students can prepare for the summative test on Wednesday, September 19.

We will have some simple homework this week.  Each evening there will be some math examples that review/reinforce the math lesson taught earlier that day.  Homework is not meant to stress families.  It is simply a way for students to determine if they understand concepts so that they can ask clarifying questions the next morning.  If students do not understand material they need to ask me to clarify the very next day.  The pacing is  fast and we do not want students to get behind.  

Here is the homework schedule for the week.  Students have been instructed to write these things in their homework agenda each morning but soemtimes that does not happen the way we would hope so here is your back up plan.  Ha!

MONDAY- place value sheet - front and back - study for science test on  Wednesday

TUESDAY - digit values sheet - science test tomorrow

WEDNESDAY - Find the Mystery Number sheet - study for synonyms and antonyms quiz on Friday

THURSDAY - Rounding to the Nearest 100 sheet - quiz on synonyms and antonyms tomorrow - social studies formative on good and bad citizens

Have a great weekend.  Looking forward to week 2!

Week of September 4-7

Greetings Third Grade Parents!  I hope you all had a wonderful last weekend of summer.  I am so excited to be your child's teacher.  It is going to be a great year!  I met most of you at Open House on Thursday.  In case you could not make it, here are some things to keep in mind:  students need to wear tennis shoes tomorrow and every Tuesday as Tuesday is our PE resource day; the children need a nut-free, peanut-free snack each day as we do not eat lunch until 12:56; students need a water bottle because we do not have a water fountain in our room;  and the kids need Vacation Under the Volcano each day this week.  Make sure your child knows exactly how they will get home tomorrow and everyday.  Route numbers could have changed over the summer so be sure to check Chesterfield County's website to get the most updated bus route information.  We do not have any homework this week.  However, we are having a science summative next week - probably Wednesday -  on scientific investigation.  The students will be instructed to bring their science folders home each evening.  They may want to look over the science notes each night so that there is not so much to study at one time.  I have assigned place value lessons to the students Dreambox accounts.  We start the place value math unit next Monday so if they have time, it would be great if the kids could do some Dreambox this week.  Have a restful evening.  See you at Back To School Night on Thursday, September 13.